The BA Launches Postcards of Alexandria: A Collectors Guide

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Alexandria— The BA Alexandria and Mediterranean Research Center (Alex-Med) will organize on Tuesday, 15 May 2007, a celebration on the occasion of issuing the first guide of Alexandrian postcards in the world entitled Postcards of Alexandria: A Collectors Guide by Mohamed Nofal.

The Guide is the first reference of Alexandria city postcards in the world, including a unique collection of postcards. The industry of postcards flourished in Alexandria at the end of the nineteenth century with the increase of foreign population in the city.

The first part of the Guide, issued in English, comprises more than 800 pictures embodying life in Alexandria from 1890-1956. The collection includes pictures of tram tickets, cinemas, hotels, archeological sites, villas, palaces, gardens, the corniche, and others. The Guide also includes captions with the name of the photographer, the date, and a brief on the picture. Work is underway on the Arabic edition of the Guide, so as to make the history of Alexandria in its golden age available to all.

The celebration will start at 19:00 hrs. at the Small Theater, BA Conference Center.


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