Over 7,000 Witness the Legendary Cleopatra Show at Qaitbey Fort

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The BA Alex-Med center organized an international touristic event titled “Legendary Cleopatra” on Thursday 17 September 2015. It’s a 3D mapping show projected on the façade of the Qaitbey Fort.

Over 7,000 Egyptians and members of foreign communities residing in Alexandria such as the Greek, Italian, Armenian, German and Swiss communities, in addition to several tourists present in Alexandria that day, attended the event. The event was also attended by several public figures, such as the Governor of Alexandria, Hany el-Messiry, and his spouse, ambassadors of Senegal and the Ivory Coast, and the consuls of France, England, Greece, Lebanon, Austria, China, and Sudan. Also in attendance was the Director of the Italian Cultural Institute and the Cultural Counsellor to the Italian Embassy—as a representative of the Italian Ambassador. Both the Minister of Tourism and the Minister of Antiquities sent representatives to the event as well. The show was very well-received in the media and was covered by several major TV stations, newspapers, and news websites.

The story begins with Queen Cleopatra brought back to life to recount her full story through flashbacks. She starts speaking about the foundation of Alexandria by Alexander the Great and continues to narrate up to the Ptolemaic Reign. She then moves to narrating her own story—from struggling to rule Egypt to meeting Julius Caesar at the famous “carpet” incident, followed by meeting Mark Anthony and recounting his battle with Octavius, then ending with the last scene of her suicide. Presented in an interesting dramatic frame, the storytelling is accompanied by an augmented reality display to enrich the audience’s experience.

To watch the video, please click here.