“The Greco Roman Museum or the Governorate Building” in a Seminar at the BA

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The BA Calligraphy Center holds on Wednesday, 28 March 2012, a seminar entitled “The Greco Roman Museum or the Alexandria Governorate Building: An Open Discussion”.

The event hosts specialized personalities in the fields of architecture, antiquities, urban planning, tourism and museum management including Dr. Mohamed Awad, Director of the BA Alexandria and Mediterranean Research Center (Alex Med); Dr. Mona Haggag Professor of Greek and Roman Antiquities, Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University, and Secretary General of the Antiquities Association in Alexandria; Dr. Khaled Azab, Director of the BA Special Projects Department; Dr. Sohair Amin; Dr. Aly El-Kordy; and Dr. Mohamed El-Gendy.

The Greco Roman Museum is one of Alexandria’s most significant sites. The idea of using the adjacent land, on which Alexandria Governorate Building was built, to expand the Museum occurred after the Building was burnt. This expansion aims at refurbishing the museum and displaying thousands of pieces that are still in store.

The seminar is held at 11:00 am at the BACC Lecture Hall.