“Heritage of Mankind” Youth Series at Cairo International Book Fair

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The Bibliotheca Alexandrina has launched a new series of booklets entitled "Heritage of Mankind for Young People"; the number of papers per issue ranges from about six thousand to seven thousand words. This series aims to increase the awareness of Egyptian youth about their intellectual and artistic heritage, and enrich their knowledge of inspiring Egyptian figures in various fields by shedding light on the challenges, difficulties and successes that accompanied these figures throughout their lifetime.

The BA takes part in this year's Cairo International Book Fair with this new series, which includes publications on several prominent Egyptian figures, such as Sheikh Muhammad Abduh, Abbas Mahmoud Al-Akkad, Ahmed Shawky, Hafez Ibrahim, Taha Hussein, Gamal Hamdan, Naguib Mahfouz, and Hoda Shaarawy. The series also features titles that focus on the aspect of heritage, such as The Ancient Library of Alexandria, The Story of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Egyptian Literature, Nahdat Misr Sculpture and Hypatia.

More titles are expected to be published as part of this series.