Celebrating the winners of the architectural competition

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Alexandria, 29 May 2005—Saturday, 28 May, witnessed the prize distribution for the winning projects of the competition for young architects regarding the re-planning of the Eastern Harbor, its waterfront and the area around the Library of Alexandria. Dr. Ismail Serageldin, Director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and General Abdel Salam El Mahgoub, Governor of Alexandria attended the celebration. The competition was organized by the BA, in collaboration with the Alexandria Governorate and the Alexandria Development Center.

Pointing out the importance of youth participation, Dr. Serageldin laid emphasis on the value of establishing dialogue between both young and senior architects, to fuse innovative ideas generated by the youth with the experience of the professionals.

Several young architects proposed the development and reconstruction of other regions in the city, such as the Turkish neighborhood and other heritage-enriched areas. It was also suggested that a committee be created to follow up, refine and develop other ideas by the youth to for development of Alexandria.

During the celebration, Dr. Mohamed Awad, Director of Alex-Med Center, gave a brief about the winning projects and how they reflect a new vision for Alexandria stressing on the dialogue among cultures and between Alexandria and the world. All this while preserving the historical architecture that already exists in the city, preserving the environment, economic development of the region, as well as resolving traffic problems.

The winning projects were selected upon evaluation that was not necessarily based on feasibility of the project, as much as on creativity, inspiration and freeing the imagination. It aimed to promote the participation of youth in envisioning a future vision of Alexandria.

Distribution of prizes
by Dr. Serageldin and General Mahgoub
Distribution of merit awards